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The Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act helps to protect individuals personal privacy by regulating the way personal data is processed and gives you, as an individual, certain rights in relation to the personal data which is held about you.

The Act is based on 8 legally enforceable principles which anyone who records and uses personal data must follow.

The Data Protection Act also requires anyone (whether a private company or public body) who processes personal data to register or notify with the Information Commissioner.  This registration is publicly available and can be viewed on the Information Commissioners website.

Teignbridge District Council is a large organisation providing a range of services to the community.  To administer the services efficiently it is necessary to process personal data.  Some of this information is held in manual files and some is held on computers and is used by authorised staff to administer services.

As a data controller Teignbridge District Council has notified the Information Commissioner that it is processing personal data.