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Dogs and the Dog Warden Service

Dog owners! Is your dog microchipped?

Dog Warden

We deal with a range of dog issues:

  • Dealing with stray dogs
  • Enforcing collar and tag legislation
  • Enforcing dog fouling legislation
  • Provision of "no fouling" signs
  • Picking up dead dogs from the road
  • Giving advice on responsible dog ownership  

The responsibilities of a dog owner

It is a legal requirement that all dogs wear a collar and tag at all times when away from home. It is best practice for all dogs to wear them all the time.

As a dog owner from 6 April 2016 you must make sure:

  • Your dog is microchipped and registered with an approved microchip database
  • Puppies must be microchipped by their breeder and registered with an approved microchip database before 8 weeks old
  • Puppy buyers must make sure the breeder has microchipped and registered the dog with an approved microchip database before taking the dog home.  If the dog is bought and found not to be microchipped, then enforcement action could be taken against the owner and dog breeder
  • Your dog must be microchipped by a veterinary professional or an implanter who has received government approved training
  • It is a requirement to ensure database records are kept up to date

Failure to do the above may result in enforcement action which could lead to a fine

The Dog Warden Service

You can contact the dog warden service from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Telephone: 01626 215419 or 01626 215415

Email: envc@teignbridge.gov.uk

Responsible Dog Ownership

  • Train your dog in basic obedience
  • Make sure your dog has a collar and identification tag.  
  • Always clear up after your dog has fouled
  • Make sure your dog is kept on a lead when in public
  • Do not allow your dog to stray
  • financial penalties can occur if your dog is picked up and taken to the kennels
  • Take your dog to the vet regularly for it's vaccinations
  • Ensure your dog receives a healthy well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise
  • Worm your dog regularly and groom it frequently.
  • Check for fleas on your dog and seek your vet's advice for treatment
  • If you do not want your dog to have puppies, make sure it is neutered

Dogs in Vehicles

Ensure there is sufficient ventilation and fluids for a dog kept in a vehicle; preferably park in the shade.

pdf icon Don't let your dog die poster [357kb] 

Dead Dogs & Other Animals

Click here to Do It Online Unfortunately some dogs fall victim of traffic and are killed on the roads. This can be very distressing. The Dog Warden will pick up dead dogs that have been found on the road so we can try and trace their owner.

Other dead animals that are on the road are collected by the Blitz Team from the Teignbridge Services Department. To report a dead animal please click on the blue Do It Online button. Telephone 01626 215838 or ts@teignbridge.gov.uk