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Drainage and flooding advice

Information about flood emergencies, when your property starts to flood, blocked gullies, sewage and advice on flood protection.

The responsibility for blocked drains and sewers depends upon whether the problem is in a sewer or a drain 

Land Drainage

  • The Council are responsible for maintaining watercourses within their ownership
  • All other watercourses are the responsibility of the private landowners, known as the riparian owner
  • If you notice any watercourse in poor condition or with impeded flows, please Contact Drainage and Flooding
  • We undertake land drainage schemes ranging from £10k to £1million
  • The implementation of these schemes lowers the number of flooding incidents
  • Currently we are undertaking design work for schemes at Ashburton, Chudleigh, Kingskerswell and Kingsteignton
  • We check planning applications received at the Council to ensure flooding and coastal issues are adequately addressed
  • We provide advice to developers where there are land drainage or coastal problems

Public Sewers

  • Public sewers form the sewerage network which private drains and sewers connect to.
  • Public sewers are owned and maintained by South West Water.
  • For Public sewer records contact South West Water
  • For all public sewer matters, please seek advice from South West Water or contact them on 03443 462020.
  • The council hold the public sewer maps for public inspection. Contact Drainage and Flooding 
  • We maintain some sewers, pumping stations and treatment works where the Council are responsible.
  • We undertake minor repairs and condition assessments when necessary, Contact Drainage and Flooding

Private Sewers

If you have a drain blockage to a private sewer, use the Yellow Pages (Drain and Pipe Cleaning section) to find contact details of companies who may be able to clear it.

Highways and road drainage and flooding

  • The majority of highway drainage repairs and maintenance in Teignbridge is the responsibility of Devon County Council to report problems please contact Devon County Council - Highways or call: 0845 155 1004 Weekdays 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm or for Emergencies (Out of hours) 01392 383329
  • A highway gully is a small chamber covered by a metal grating positioned in roads next to pavements to collect and drain away surface water.

Devon County Council Button Link  

Sandbag Collection 

Contact Drainage and Flooding or call 01626 361101 (Out of office hours - 01395 516854)

  • The contacts above will react to an emergency as soon as possible but are not the blue-light emergency services.
  • In the event of flood water threatening your property call the Emergency Services on 999.
  • Sandbags are available from Teignbridge District Council, and should be collected, however in exceptional cases they may be delivered.  Sandbags may take in excess of 2 hours to arrive. 
  • Where sandbags are either collected or delivered for the protection of commercial or business premises, a charge will be made of £20 (standing charge) plus £2.50 per bag. This charge is discretionary and does not apply during emergency situations.
  • It is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of sandbags after use.

Advice on flood protection

The Teignbridge Drainage Team will provide practical advice on how you can provide flood protection measurers at your property, if watercourses are in poor condition or flows impeded.  Contact Drainage and Flooding

Advice is also available to developers regarding land drainage or coastal erosion issues. Contact Drainage and Flooding

Rivers and general run off advice

Water courses not owned by the Council (Riparian Responsibility)

If water courses are not owned by the Council, they are the responsibility of the private landowner, or the 'riparian owner', and should be maintained by them. A guide to the rights and responsibilities of residents who are the riparian owner was produced by the Environment Agency, entitled Living on the Edge

Teign Housing sewers

For blockages in sewers connected to Teign Housing properties, contact Teign Housing on 01626 322722. The 24 hour Emergency Free phone number is 0800 1979790.

Teignbridge District Council's Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) is an overview of flood risk within a specific area.

A series of maps showing the areas at risk of flooding and a report on the procedures to be followed have been procedures to be followed have been produced for your assistance.

It aims to provide general guidance to planning officers, developers and other interested people about areas where flood risk is an issue.

If you are considering an area of land for development within the Teignbridge district or you simply wish to review the flood risk to your existing property then the SFRA Flood Risk Maps and Final Report can be used for this purpose.