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Electric Vehicles charging infrastructure and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles policy

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5. Destination charging (once you get where you are going)

Commercial / Shopping and Retail centres

Customers typically park for longer periods when shopping at larger retail shops, shopping centres, or supermarkets and already expect to enjoy customer parking facilities.

Providers: It is for the shop owners to respond to customer demand and provide Electric Vehicle charging facilities for their customers.

Holidaymaker Visitor locations

As a holiday destination Teignbridge has many popular locations that visitors travel to, many of them are remote, which is often the appeal of these locations.

Providers: Again this is a matter for the holiday traders and businesses to respond to customer demand. However……To help maintain the appeal of such destinations all car parks under the control of Teignbridge District Council are under constant review to take any opportunities if/when they may arise to provide Electric Vehicle charging points in our car parks to link-in and augment the wider strategic charging network.

Taxis and taxi ranks

Whilst not a significant contributor to overall air pollution levels, in Teignbridge taxis do in the main travel within the urban environments, where the volume of traffic flow is high relative to rural locations, or will typically be parked waiting on a taxi rank again is usually a central urban location.

Providers: The council’s taxi licencing process will develop a replacement policy to progressively lower emission limit requirements for fossil fuelled cars, and towards the eventual replacement with Electric Vehicle’s or a similar Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.

Workplace Charging (once people arrive at work)

Having arrived at the workplace vehicles are typically parked for an extended period, possibly in a staff car park. This provides an important opportunity for commuters to recharge their Electric Vehicle and reduce concerns about how and where cars can be charged. For the future this will for the employer maintain the catchment range for employees.

Providers: Grant funding from central government has been available for employers and workplace charging since November 2017. As an employer Teignbridge District Council will be preparing its own application for this funding. This could enable the Council to provide where needed a mentor role to local businesses considering applying themselves.