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Electric Vehicles charging infrastructure and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles policy

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3. Who will provide charging and where?

Charging At Home (Overnight for daily trips starting from home)

Off Street Parking

At its core the broad long term vision is that Electric Vehicle owners will actually do the vast majority of charging overnight at home on favourable tariff rates. For properties fortunate enough to have off street parking charging is relatively straight forward, be it on the drive or in the garage or direct from the house.

Providers: Installing an off street charging point is the responsibility of the home owner but Teignbridge District Council’s role looking forwards will be to require all future residential development proposals that have off street parking to be “electric ready” to accommodate Electric Vehicle charging.

On Street Parking

It is recognised that most if not all councils will have areas especially in the larger more urban locations that will only have on Street parking available.

This makes the delivery of overnight charging technically more challenging, and at this early stage it is unclear which solution is going to prevail to make “On Street” charging a practical reality.

Providers: The responsibility to facilitate “on street charging” falls to Devon County Council who have control of the highway infrastructure, and they are looking to the larger metropolitan districts to lead the way overcoming these technical challenges.