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Water quality

Mains water

Most residents in Teignbridge will have their drinking water supplied by South West Water. They are responsible for ensuring the quality of the water and investigating complaints from members of the public. South West Water can be contacted on 0800 169 1144 or Minicom 0800 169 9965.

The prime responsibility for ensuring the quality of mains water supplies (or 'public' supplies) lies with the local water undertaker, South West Water  who provide information regarding water quality.

We have a responsibility to monitor the quality of water supplied by South West Water. If you are unhappy with the outcome of their investigation please contact us.

Private water supplies

Private drinking water supplies are water supplies which are not provided by South West Water and are the responsibility of their owners and users.

The number of people supplied and the use of the buildings that are supplied will determine the category of your private water supply. This then determines the frequency of sampling and the costs - see fees and charges

If you are served by a private water supply or supply water to other people, please contact us to discuss.


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Last updated 30 April 2024