Coronavis (COVID-19) support for food businesses

Teignbridge Environmental Health are aware that many businesses and community groups are looking to provide a food delivery or takeaway service to those that are self-isolating due to COVID19.

The following advice has been issued by the Food Safety Team to support these changes and to ensure that foods are handled, stored and delivered safely.

Take away and delivery services

Businesses that are offering hot takeaway and delivery services are strongly advised to read the guidance information that details how to keep your drivers, kitchen staff and customers safe.

Further information on distance selling, mail order food and deliveries.

Businesses that are looking to change their activity to cook and cool foods to be sold either chilled or frozen to the final customer are strongly advised to contact the food safety team to discuss this activity first. 

All registered food businesses are reminded of the need to review their Food Safety Management Systems (ie, Safer Food Better Business) and to ensure the controls required to keep food safe are being followed. Read the latest version of Safer Food Better Business.

Community groups providing foods

New community groups and charities wishing to provide food to those in their local community are strongly advised to contact the Food Safety Team for specific advice and guidance before any food handling takes place. Please contact the food safety team explaining your intention and one of our officers will contact you.

Those wishing to volunteer for an existing group looking to provide foods or other services to those in self isolation are strongly encouraged to contact the Teignbridge Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) for more information. 

At least one person supervising the food operation should have some training in food safety. Online food safety training courses can be found used a web search.  We strongly recommend that food hygiene training courses are accredited by a professional body such as the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (CIEH) or the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

General advice to community groups on keeping food preparation areas clean and food safe can be found on the CVS website.

The FSA web site contains a useful amount of information on a range of food safety topics from allergens to labelling:

Packaging and handling 

Best before dates and use by dates

Allergen guidance for food businesses 

Other useful links

All businesses and community groups should display a ‘Catch It Bin It Kill It’ poster in their toilets and social spaces. 

Toilets and wash hand basins in food areas should also display a ‘how to wash your hands’ poster.

General advice from Central Government on COVID19 including the help and support offered by central government to local businesses and staff.

Licensing enquiries to cover late night food and takeaway alcohol.

When this content has been updated

Last updated 24 March 2020