Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

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3. Request a food hygiene rating revisit

A food business may request a re-score at any time after their inspection, however the revisit will not take place until a standstill period of three months has elapsed.

The exception to this is where non-compliance relates to permanent structural improvements/repairs or upgrading of equipment and a revisit may be carried out sooner.

Only one requested revisit will take place per inspection. This will not be announced and will take place within three months of the end of the standstill period, or within three months of a request where this is made after the standstill period.

We will check that the required improvements have been made and also assess the overall level of compliance. This means that the score could go up, down or remain the same.

Self assessment checklist to assist in preparation for a revisit.

Revisit request form

Further information on how to request a revisit