Eat safe this summer

Summer is the perfect chance to enjoy picnics and barbecues outdoors with family and friends.

The Food Standards Agency is raising awareness about safe summer food and it got underway in June with Food Safety Week.

New research shows that people in the South West could be putting themselves at risk of food poisoning during the summer months.

Over the last 12 months, there have been 165 cases of Campylobacter reported in Teignbridge. This is a foodborne illness associated with the handling of raw poultry meat and the consumption of undercooked white meats.

The 4C's of food hygiene are:

  1. chilling and defrosting
  2. cooking
  3. cleaning 
  4. avoiding cross-contamination 

Eat safe this summer by following the guidance provided by the Food Standards Agency:

Guide to safe summer eating

Safe summer food in 8 easy steps


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Last updated 28 June 2017