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Port health

We are the designated Port Health Authority for the port of Teignmouth and are approved to issue Ship Sanitation Certificates (SSC) under the Public Health (Ships) Regulations 1974 (as amended). Due to an arrangement in place with Torbay Council, Teignbridge Port Health Officers are also able to issue SSC’s in Torbay waters.


  • Ship sanitation inspections including extensions to certificates
  • Investigations of ill health and infectious disease on board vessels within our waters
  • Potable water sampling (bacterial including legionella, chemical and metals)
  • Inspection of fishing vessels exporting catch to the EU
  • Export health certificates for fish and fishery products, products not of animal origin and some composite products

Each Ship Sanitation certificate may involve a physical inspection of the vessel and a review of the relevant documentation to determine the safety of systems on board.

In line with the World Health Organisation guidance, the following documentation may be required for the inspection:

  • The maritime declaration of health (including all ports visited in the last 30 days)
  • The last Ship Sanitation Certificate including any Evidence Report Form issued at the time of the last inspection
  • International certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis
  • Declarations (general, cargo, ship store, crew effects)
  • Crew and passenger lists (that have boarded in the last 30 days)
  • Dangerous goods manifest (where applicable)
  • Management plans (garbage, water, ballast, waste, food safety/HACCP, pest/vector control)
  • Records (garbage log, ballast logs, medical log, food temperature records, cleaning records)
  • Potable water analysis report
  • Ballast water management certificate, record book and reporting form
  • Certificates (medical and food safety training, medicines certificate, ballast water analysis, International sewage pollution prevention)

Where possible, these documents should be sent on to the Port Health team prior to the inspection to facilitate the preparation of the inspection and to reduce the time spent on board.  

A charge is made for ship sanitation inspections based on the gross tonnage of the vessel. Please see Approved fees and charges. Additional charges may be made at the discretion of the Port Health Authority for officer time where re-inspections are required, for out of hours inspections or pilot boat launch / hire etc.  Water sampling is also charged for additionally where this is requested by the operator. 

Please note, we are a small Port Health team and requests for ship sanitation inspections should be notified as early as possible to ensure officer availability.

Teignmouth Port is not a designated Border Control Post (BCP) for landing food, pets, live animals or germplasm.

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Last updated 29 April 2024