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Waste and recycling collections

We are currently experiencing delays on a number of refuse, recycling and garden waste rounds. If the whole street has been missed we will be aware and will return as soon as possible. Please leave the bins/containers out for collection.


Radon is found everywhere. It is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas. We can't see, smell or taste it and special equipment is required to detect it.

Radon is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soil. The radon level in the air we breathe outside is very low but can be higher inside buildings.

Any exposure to this type of radiation is a risk to health and can cause damage to living tissues increasing the risk of lung cancer.

Further information is available from Public Health England

Radon affected area maps for the whole of the United Kingdom


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Last updated 22 December 2020