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Dust nuisance

Dust can be a major issue during construction and demolition work, resulting from activities such as excavation, burning, blasting and, in particular, vehicles using haul roads. Dust can also be an issue at quarries, waste facilities, ports and other industrial sites.

The levels of dust will be assessed by an officer. In addition, the mitigation measures taken to control the dust will be considered.

If we have evidence that you are causing a statutory nuisance, a legal notice may be served on you under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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  • your name, address and contact telephone number
  • accurate details of the source of the problem before we can start an investigation

All complainants' personal details will be treated confidentially, however should the case go to court then your names would have to be released. You would have an opportunity to discuss this with the case officer before the details were released.

Anonymous complaints will not normally be investigated.


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Last updated 2 November 2022