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Event Organiser Information

Everything you need to know about putting on an event

Communities, local councils and individuals throughout the Teignbridge District have a great reputation for putting on successful and safe events. We're grateful to all the organisers and volunteers that take part in planning and running them. The main concern at these events is to ensure the safety of the public, volunteers and staff that work there.

This web page aims to give organisers of events, large and small, all the information they need. A good starting point is the 'Guide to Organising Safe Events' shown in the downloads on the right.

The key to success is consultation and communication. Quite simply letting people know what is being planned and how it may affect them will reduce any unnecessary conflict and bad feeling.

To ensure that we can monitor the impact of all events in the District, we request that all event planners let us know of their event details by completing one of the two forms shown in the 'Downloads' on the right of the page. The forms will prompt you to think about all aspects of event management and inform you of any additional procedures you need to carry out to protect yourself and to ensure a safe and legal event.

  • The first form is for events that you want to hold on Teignbridge Council owned land, e.g. the Lawn in Dawlish, the Den in Teignmouth, or any of our parks or open spaces. This form is called 'Application Form for Events on Teignbridge District Council owned Parks and Open Spaces'. Initially you should always contact the Green Spaces team by e-mail greenspaces@teignbridge.gov.uk or by phone on 01626 215861 or 215751, to make sure the venue is free on the day you require.
  • The second form is called the 'Event Notification Form - non TDC land' and is for events held anywhere else in the Teignbridge District, on private or public land.

You'll need to send your completed form to the Council. The details of where to send it is included on the forms.

This is now the standard procedure for notifying the Council, the police, fire service and County highways, etc. of all events throughout the district. The information you supply on the form will enable us and the other agencies to assess the nature and scale of events and provide you with advice and recommendations for any appropriate further action. It will also help us find out if there are any clashes that may have an impact larger than the single event itself.

There are other useful documents which you can view by clicking on the 'downloads' section of the page.

  • 'A Guide to Organising Safe Events'. A booklet with all the information you need to help you consider what you need to do, complete with a suggested timetable of action leading up to the event. The Guide also contains recommended reading and links to relevant websites
  • 'Event Organisers Guide to Managing Mobile Food Vendors at Events'. This includes information on the legal responsibilities food vendors have, and the evidence you as event organiser require as proof that food vendors are fulfilling their legal obligations.
  • 'Risk Assessment Guide and Template'. We recommend that all event organisers complete a risk assessment to ensure that all risks have been adequately considered and mitigated as far as possible. If you wish to use any of the Council's land then we must receive a completed risk assessment before use of the land can be permitted.
  • Maps of Teignbridge owned open spaces, to help you work out the layout for your event.

Under 'Offsite links' there are links to other websites with further sources of information.

  • The The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events has been drawn up by the Events Industry Forum in consultation with the UK events industry, including representatives from regional and national Government. This publication is designed to replace the original "Purple Guide" (HSG195) which was originally published by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in consultation with the industry.
  • Devon County Highways for information on road closures and signage Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service for advice on fire matters
  • The Association of British Insurers web site, which includes their 'Guide to planning an event'.
  • The Department for Local Government guide to organising street parties.

For larger and more complex events that have a greater impact on the community we will be inviting the organisers to attend the Teignbridge Safety Advisory Group (TSAG). The TSAG is an advisory body with a core group consisting of Fire, Police, Ambulance, Devon County Highways and Teignbridge Council. The group meet regularly to advise organisers, at no cost, on the suitability of their plans.

Thank you again to all event organisers. We look forward to hearing about all the events you're planning and wish you every success.

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