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Report graffiti and fly-tipping

Fly-tipped waste may be found anywhere, such as roadsides, in lay-bys or on private land. Graffiti is the illegal or unauthorised defacing of a building.

We encourage people to let us know where they have spotted either graffiti or fly-tipping.

The easy way to do this is by reporting it online.

What is Fly-tipping?

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The illegal dumping of waste. It can vary in scale significantly from a bin bag of rubbish to large quantities of waste dumped from trucks.

Report Fly-Tipping by clicking on the Do it Online button.

Should you discover any fly tipping, please report it to the Wardens.  Give a description of the items and the location if you know it, then give a time that the objects appeared at the locality.

Do not search the fly tip yourself as it may contain items, which may be hazardous and it may also contaminate any evidence contained within the fly tip.

Where the Wardens discover evidence, which leads to an individual an investigation will be initiated with a view to prosecuting those responsible.

Should you witness a fly tipping incident, please obtain as many details as possible, such as a description of any vehicle used and the persons engaged in the fly tip.  A registration number is exceptionally useful in tracing offenders.  Do not approach the persons involved and do not put yourself at risk.

What is Graffiti?

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The illegal or unauthorised defacing of a building, wall or other edifice or object by painting or otherwise marking it with words, pictures or symbols. The minimum charge for graffiti removal from private property is £31.80 including VAT at the standard rate.

Report Graffiti online by clicking the Do it Online button.