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Gypsies and Travellers

Most people know very little about the 5 000 Gypsies and Travellers living in Devon. The Teignbridge population comprises mainly English Romany Gypsies and New Travellers, (there are a very small numbers of local Irish Travellers in the District).

These days the majority of Gypsies and Travellers live in houses rather than in caravans or vehicles, for many this was due to the change in law with regard to common land in the nineteen sixties,education and health concerns are other reasons.

To celebrate Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, an exhibition is being held in the foyer at Forde House during the month of June. Members of Teignbridge Gypsy & Traveller Forum have contributed information and photographs.

Getting on with your neighbours

Members of Teignbridge's Gypsy and Travellers Forum gained Big Lottery funding to make a 7½ minute audio recording featuring residents who are happy to have Gypsies and Travellers as their neighbours. audio icon Getting on with your neighbours - Audio [3Mb]

Big Lottery Fund - Gypsies and Travellers Forum

Many of the Gypsies and Travellers in Devon have long historical links with this part of the country. Some people may argue that they are more Devonian than many of the 126,000 people who currently live in Teignbridge.  Gypsies and Travellers Myth Busting Leaflet [797kb]

Here is a link to the Travellers' page on Devon County Council's website  

Devon County Council Button Link

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