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Accessibility - third party systems

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2. Civica - Benefits and revenues

Bulletin Number: Civica OR 62-20

System: OPENRevenues

Current Release No: 20.1.00

Date Issued: 30th June 2020

Title: Website Accessibility Regulations

Release 19.3, published in December 2019 contained a major suite of enhancements to the OPENPortal product to ensure that it met with AA accessibility standards. These included the following changes and additions

  • All pages have a language attribute.
  • All pages have a H1 tag as first heading.
  • All subsequent headings are H2. Heading styles are defined by class not tag, so the look of the headings is unaffected.
  • All inputs have a label associated with them.
  • All labels are associated with an input.
  • All IDs should be unique.
  • All pages have a skip to content link that has a target.
  • All images have alt text.
  • Hidden submit buttons have been added to the internal header form, and the internal footer to deal with those screens where no buttons exist to convert.
  • All changes to page by JavaScript act/or can be set to act only lower down the page, except where a forced refresh occurs and the focus returns to the changed section.

Whilst every attempt has been made to address all instances of these features, due to complex questioning structure of some of the OPENChannel forms, there may well be scenarios where the format needs further update. If this is the case, any reported instances will be amended and issued on the next available release.

If you identify an issue that needs to be rectified, please log a ticket on the Service Desk and include a copy of the accessibility report to evidence the fault.