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Care leavers

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3. Care Leaver accommodation options

Depending on your circumstances, there may be several housing options to consider and discuss with your Personal Advisor (PA). You should start to plan and work towards these as soon as you are over 16 and ready to look at these longer term housing options.

Any accommodation Devon County Council provides should be suitable for you. You may get a place in a hostel or a self-contained flat.

Ask your PA for help if you have problems with accommodation.

Staying where you are

Staying where you are may be an option to discuss with your PA. You may not feel ready to move out on your own yet and it may be possible for you to stay with your foster carers. This is dependent on you and your carers wanting to continue this placement. If you are working and earning more than £100 per week you will have to pay 30% of your earnings to your carer as ‘rent’. This is to help you to learn how to manage your money and budget when you leave the staying put arrangement.

Supported accommodation

These are normally small flats in a bigger building with staff on site. They are able to offer you support if and when you need it. You can claim benefits while you live there but you must pay any service charges or bills and you will be expected to maintain your own placement with some support. You will eventually move on from these flats but not until you, the staff there and your PA think you are ready to take the next step.

Your PA will refer you to the supported accommodation we have locally or alternatively, Young Devon can make these referrals for you.

Returning home

When you become 18 you can go back to live with your parents or other family if you choose to and if they agree. If you want to do this, you should think about this carefully and talk to your PA about your thoughts and decisions to make sure you will be safe.

Your benefits or your family’s benefits may also be affected if you return home and so it is best to get advice if this is an option you and your family are considering. You will not normally be eligible for Housing Benefit if you live with family any payment for board would need to come out of your own income even if you are not in employment.