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Fear of other violence

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1. If you think you are in danger

If you feel you are in immediate danger please call 999.

You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone, or be related to someone to be in fear of violence. You may be in fear from people such as:

  • someone you believe to be in a gang
  • someone you owe money to
  • someone you have reported (or are believed to have reported) to the Police or other agency who has made threats against you
  • a neighbour who you have had disagreement with
  • other residents in your area or groups you feel are targeting you

They may have been violent to you already or have threatened violence against you that you think they are likely to carry out. 

If you are in fear of violence from a partner, former partner or family member please see our domestic abuse pages

If you are in fear of violence

Telling someone is the first step. This can be a support worker you already know, a service you are using now or have in the past such as Sanctuary Supported Living, Drug and Alcohol services, Social Services, mental health workers or your own housing association if you are a tenant. 

You can go to the Police for advice and they will try to offer support to help you deal with the situation. It is important you work with agencies so that they can assess what risk you may be at and take steps to protect you if necessary.



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Last updated 22 December 2020