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9. On day of release

It is not always possible for you to be released early in the day. If you go to visit friends/family or spend time applying for benefits first, you risk not having any options for your housing that night. Please ask your Resettlement Team or Catch 22 to phone your local Housing Options Team as soon as your release time is confirmed. They may be able to start looking for accommodation for you whilst you are travelling to their office.

  • if you have not managed to find accommodation for your day of release but have already contacted your local Housing Options Team they will have advised you what steps to take on the day you are being released. They may be able to offer you temporary accommodation that night, or may find a night shelter or hostel where you can stay.
  • they should have your information already, and you can then take time to submit a claim for benefits or make contact with your employer.
  • if you have not contacted the Housing Options Team and have nowhere to stay on your release from prison, you must present to your local Housing Options office as soon as you are released. It may take several hours to get all of your information and look for accommodation with you. 
  • you may need to wait to make your benefit claim until the day after your release because securing somewhere to stay that night must be your first priority. 

If you have nowhere to stay on release from prison, or your plans for where you were going to stay fall through, you need to present to your local housing options team in Devon at the very earliest time on the day of your release.

You will be interviewed by a Housing Options Officer who will take a homeless application. If you have recently had a homeless application, no settled accommodation since that decision and your personal circumstances remain the same, there may not be a duty to take a further application. However we will still try to help and support you to secure housing.