Help with home repairs

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1. Loan and grant conditions

If you are a home owner you may be eligible for a loan, or a grant if a loan is not appropriate. The maximum loan you can get is £20,000 and is available through our partner, Wessex Resolutions.

Funding is limited, so help is targeted at those most in need. Priority will be given to people who are:

  • 70 years, or older
  • receiving a means tested, or disability benefit
  • living with a child aged 6 years, or younger

You will also need to meet all of the following:

  • the property is within council tax bands A to D
  • the household disposable income is below £125 per week
  • you have lived in the property for over a year, except first time buyers
  • the property is over 10 years old, except park homes

If the work is urgent and small scale, you maybe able to apply for minor works grant.


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Last updated 14 August 2018