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Household Support Fund

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2. Funding allocation to date

We have allocated in the region of £279,370.

The households identified are from current housing benefit data as of the 1 December 2022. Households who are not registered as of this date, will need to apply for through the application process for any additional support.

Direct Cash Payments to Residents – Estimated award £219,370

Working Age Benefit Claimants – Funding Allocation - £63050

We have assessed that 97 working age residents who are not on the above passported benefits but are on a low income and claiming support with their rent. We have therefore allocated £650 per household from this funding to each of these households to ensure that they receive much needed additional support.

Households who have received the first or second instalment of the Government’s £650 award will receive a balancing amount to top up their overall award to £650.

Each of the residents from this group will receive a letter from us stating they are eligible for a payment. They will be asked to submit an online consent form confirming that no information has changed since we assessed them as eligible on 1st December 2022 and detailing how we can arrange for a payment to be made to them.

Older Persons on low income – Funding Allocation - £119,520

We have 747 pensioners that did not qualify for the £650 payment but are likely to be receiving other support through either Energy Support Scheme (£400), Winter Fuel Payment (£300), Household Support Fund (£90) and Council Tax Rebate (£150). We have therefore awarded £160 to each of these households to support them during this winter. This will be paid through the Post Office in cash and letters will be sent out in January 2023 Households that are unable to access a Post Office may request payment to be made directly to their bank accounts.

Fuel Poverty – Funding Allocation - £36,800

We have further identified approximately 46 households identified to be in fuel poverty in geographical areas of the district that are high areas of deprivation that are in receipt of housing benefit but are reliant on oil and LPG to heat their homes. Oil and LPG has continued to escalate in costs and whilst they will have received the £400 towards electricity costs, there is no cap for their heat sources. We have therefore allocated £800 per household to this group as additional support this winter.

Each household in this group will be sent a letter detailing the offer and if they wish to claim this support, a link to a consent form and short application form so we can verify their eligibility and arrange payment.

Third Party Allocation of funding - £60,000

Community and Voluntary Sector

Among the households who did not receive the £650 award are people claiming Carer’s Allowance. We recognise them in the support they provide family members and spouses and without them, there would be far higher demand on social care services. We felt it was important to ensure they were not unduly under financial pressures this winter and have therefore allocated the Community & Voluntary Sector £50,000. They will be assessed cases individually to assess what level of support is needed based on their income, other cost of living support received (if any) savings and current situation.

The Community and Voluntary Sector will be targeting local carers for direct support. If residents are not currently linked in with the voluntary sector and wish to self-refer, they can complete the open application process and we will refer them directly to this fund

Exeter Community Energy

Advice to residents on reducing energy bills and signposting to funding schemes is provided by Exeter Community energy through the Local Energy Advice programme (LEAP). This funding is limited and to enhance the service in Teignbridge £10K has been allocated to provide regular advice clinics, attendance at winter warm spaces and other community events, community champion training, front line worker training and case work for people with complex needs.