Affordable homes for rent

Devon Home Choice

Council and housing association homes that are available to rent are advertised through Devon Home Choice.

If you plan to join the register you will need to be assessed as being in housing need, as well as having a local connection. This is explained in the user guide.

The user guide also tells you how:

  • banding works (we do not register band E)
  • to make an application
  • to view available homes
  • to bid on a property
  • successful applicants are selected

Mutual exchange, or ‘home swap’

If you are a housing association tenant you can swap your home with another tenant, either locally, or somewhere else in the UK. It is important to thoroughly check the property before agreeing to swap, as it means taking over the tenancy agreement for another home. You will need to contact your landlord to get permission.

Visit HomeSwapper for more information.


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Last updated 8 February 2018