At risk of homelessness

If you are over 18

If you are homeless, or think you might lose your home, you need to get in touch as soon as possible. 

Depending on your situation you may have to visit our offices in Newton Abbot.

You will have to bring identification and other paperwork to help your case. We can let you know what to bring.

We can assess your situation and see what support we can offer. We will give you advice about finding a place to live, about what benefits you can get, and will help you with some wider money advice if necessary.

We can help with emergency accommodation if you are homeless, but this will depend on your eligibility, your level of need and the reason for your homelessness.

If you are under 18

You can find help and advice from the Youth Enquiry Service in Newton Abbot. They have a dedicated team of advisers who can help you find a place to stay in the short term, or help you to find long-term accommodation.

Youth Enquiry Service: Young Devon


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Last updated 8 February 2018