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Homeless application

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5. What to expect in your homeless interview

Interviews take approximately two hours to complete so please be prepared to remain at our offices for this amount of time. If you have not already seen a Housing Officer and are homeless that night, you may need to stay longer in order for us to assess your eligibility for temporary accommodation and arrange that accommodation.

We will ask you about your preferences for the outcome of your application, your property type and area preferences, however we may not be able to offer you a property that matches all of your preferences. 

You will receive a Personalised Housing Plan at the end of this meeting. This will detail any advice and further information we have given you, any actions we are taking to help you and specific actions you will be expected to take to help resolve your housing situation.

In the first instance we will always take steps to see if we can help you remain in your current home. 

If we cannot help you to stay in your current home, we will look at options to help you find alternative housing. This will usually be in the private rented sector and you may be required to see a money advisor and our specialist in house private rented access team, SPRinT.