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Local connection

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2. Exceptions to local connection

In some circumstances, we may still assist you without you having a local connection to the area. This may be because you are fleeing violence and need to leave the area that you live. If this is your situation, you are best to provide as much information and contact details for those supporting you to leave the area, such as the Police, Social Services or other agencies so that we can try to help you quickly.

If you are threatened with homelessness, any local council will have a duty to take a homeless application and support you in your housing situation.  However if you are already homeless, you may be referred to the local authority where you do have a local connection.

You may not have a local connection to any area. This may be because you have moved around lots of different areas, you do not have any family and/or not had any settled accommodation for a long time. You will need to apply to the local authority where you would like to live and the local housing options team will confirm if they are able to offer you the same support to find housing as if you had a local connection.

There are special rules for armed forces and care leavers.