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Fear of other violence

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2. Cuckooing

Cuckooing is a term used for when people involved in organised crime target someone they think is vulnerable, gain their trust and access to their home usually in order to sell drugs. This is often a 'friend of a friend', you may not know them well but may offer you a small amount of money, drugs or alcohol to stay on your sofa for a night or two because they are homeless or have nowhere to go that night. Once they gain your trust, they slowly begin to gain control over you and your home. They may start to invite their own friends over to your home.

They may only be there for a few hours each week to several days and then return again a week later. You may have tried to ask them to leave or stopped them coming in but have been unable to do so because they convince you otherwise or offer you more alcohol or drugs to allow them in. They may also make threats against you or your family and friends if you do not let them in.

It is important you get help if you feel this is happening to you. You may be at risk remaining in your home or you could get support from Police to try and stop this from happening. You may also wish to leave your home because you no longer feel safe.

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their home and support and advice is available to help you.