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Mental health

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5. Devon Home Choice and mental health

You may be eligible for Devon Home Choice and would like to bid on council and housing association tenancies in Devon. You may be awarded additional priority due to a medical condition if it is being affected by your current housing situation. It is important that you provide as much information and evidence as you can about your mental health and any other medical conditions.

We will ask you to complete a Health and Wellbeing form and request you provide us any further evidence you may have to help us assess your needs.

To support your Devon Home Choice application, you can provide:

  • medical letters from your GP or other health care provider detailing your current diagnosis, medical history and medication 
  • copies of current prescriptions
  • support or care plans or letters provided by care providers/Social Services or NHS
  • copy of your Summary Care Records (patient care records) from your GP
  • any other evidence you feel demonstrates your medical and housing needs