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Managing your money

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2. What are debt emergencies

Debt emergencies are things like:

  • court action
  • bailiff action
  • disconnection of essential services
  • eviction for mortgage or rent arrears

Get free, independent debt advice urgently.

A debt adviser will be able to talk to the court, bailiff or creditor on your behalf. They will also advise you on what to do next.

Always turn up to a court hearing. It gives you the chance to come to an agreement.

If you don’t go, a decision might be made without taking into account information about your situation. If you are there you can tell the court what's happening and it might help them to reach a decision that is better for you.

Some courts use advice organisations such as Shelter or Citizens Advice who will be able to give you some pre-hearing advice on what to do. If you're due in court within 24 hours, ask if there is someone you can speak to before your case is heard.