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Mortgage arrears

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1. Mortgage arrears

Getting into difficulties with your mortgage payments can happen easily. Falling into debt is often the result of a change in your circumstances; illness, a loss of hours, a cut in overtime or a relationship breakdown. Your home can be repossessed if you fall behind on your mortgage, but getting the right help can prevent that from happening.

It's important that you address any problems you may be having as soon as possible. The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem.

If your income isn't stretching far enough and you're worried that you might miss a mortgage payment, don’t wait for your lender to contact you. Let your lender know what’s happening.

A good lender will want to know if you’re having problems, so that you can work together towards a resolution before the situation gets any worse. There are certain steps that your lender has to take before you can be brought to court. If you are in arrears with your mortgage, you will get letters about the arrears from your lender, your lender's solicitor or from the court.