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Homelessness Review 2021

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5. Temporary Accommodation

5.1 Profile of our temporary accommodation provision

The Accommodation Team is led by our Accommodation Lead and includes a team of officers whose job it is to: manage placements within temporary accommodation, collect rent and oversee financial arrangements, and resettle people into secure and suitable homes.

Our temporary accommodation provision is made up of:

  • A supported temporary accommodation project for single homeless households and families called Albany House. Albany House is made up of ten rooms including six single rooms, two small family rooms and two large family rooms.
  • A Housing First project made up of 11 self-contained one bedroom properties where enhanced support is provided by our Rough Sleeper Team and our contracted support provider, Sanctuary Supported Living.
  • A further 28 units of leased, self-contained properties of varying sizes spread across the district area.
  • We also help to fund two accommodation projects for young people which are managed by Young Devon.
  • When no other options are available, we have to place people into bed and breakfast accommodation. We do not place 16 or 17 year olds into bed and breakfast and we cannot legally place families or expectant mothers into bed and breakfast for any longer than six weeks.
  • We are currently in the process of purchasing a property to be used as an additional supported accommodation project for homeless families and expectant mothers comprising of five rooms of varying sizes. This will provide an alternative to bed and breakfast placements. We are also in the process of purchasing five one bedroom properties to house former rough sleepers under the Rough Sleeper Accommodation Programme.

5.2 Net spend on Temporary Accommodation 2019- 2021

Between 2019- 2021, placements into temporary accommodation cost a total of £296,997.00 to the local authority. Costs in 2020/2021 were particularly high as a result of the increased demand for temporary accommodation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, and due to our need to procure additional units of self-contained accommodation in order to provide accommodation that would enable people to self-isolate if necessary.

Net spend 2019/20:   £123,375.00

Net spend 2020/21:   £173,602.00

Teignbridge Council Temporary Accommodation Provision

Accommodation Type Number of units Description Tenure Average length of stay
Bed and Breakfast Average of 9 households placed on any given date. Spot purchased accommodation booked on nightly basis. Licence 20 days
Albany House 10 Rooms
6 x single occupancy
2 x small family rooms
2 x large family rooms
Local Authority owned homeless supported accommodation.
Mixed occupancy (single people and families).
Licence 52 days

STAR Project



Crash Pads

11 x 1 beds



11 x 1 Beds
7 x 2 Beds
1 x 3 Bed

(30 total)

Housing first accommodation project for rough sleepers.

Self-contained furnished properties for use as emergency accommodation.





320 days



152 days

Second Stage Temporary Accommodation

Private Sector Lease (PSL) for temporary accommodation
3 x 3 beds


3 x 3 beds
4 x 2 beds
1x 1 bed

(8 Total)


Self-contained unfurnished properties leased from private landlords and registered providers.

Non-secure tenancy

195 Days

5.3 How many people require temporary accommodation?

The next graph aggregates the average number of households placed into temporary accommodation by Teignbridge Council each year since 2016. In line with the overall rise in demand for housing advice and support, we have seen a consist rise in the demand for temporary accommodation placements.

Temporary Accommodation Placement Snapshot Data 2016-2021

On any average night the following number of households were occupying temporary accommodation (TA) and bed and breakfast accommodation (B&B):

2016/17: 37 households in TA, of which BnB: 12 households

2017/18: 30 households in TA, of which BnB: 6 household

2018/19: 39 households in TA, of which BnB: 12 households

2019/20: 44 households in TA, of which BnB: 12 households

2020/21 46 households in TA, of which BnB: 12 households

5.4 Household composition of people accessing temporary accommodation

The following charts illustrate that, aside from the in the year 2020/21, the split between single people and families requiring temporary accommodation has remained at a consistent level. In 2020/21, a higher proportion of single clients required temporary accommodation compared to families, because families were largely prevented from becoming homeless as a result of the temporary moratorium on evictions implemented by Government.

TA Placement by Household Type 2017/18. 70% Single Clients. 30% Households with dependents TA Placement by Household Type 2018/19. 69% Single Clients. 31% Households with dependents TA Placement by Household Type 2019/20. 70% Single Clients. 30% Households with dependents TA Placement by Household Type 2017/18. 90% Single Clients. 10% Households with dependents

5.5 Gypsy and Traveller Provision

A gypsy and traveller pitch is likely to accommodate a single household and is generally a piece of ground large enough to accommodate a static caravan, a touring caravan and an amenity building. It will have a parking area and provide enough space to carry out domestic activities, for example laundry, children’s play, and a sitting area.

The Teignbridge Local plan target is for 70 pitches over 20 years, which equates to 3.5 pitches every year and will be provided by either direct provision, or by assisting the G and T community to gain planning consent for pitches on their own land. To date 48 pitches have been delivered since the beginning of the Local Plan in 2013, the majority at Haldon Forest, near Exeter.

Within the Local Plan there are two major strategic allocations with a requirement for pitches to be provided by developers. Due to the collaboration between the Council and the developers, suitable land, that would not have otherwise been forthcoming, has been brought forward; one site now has planning consent and another with an application pending.

Gypsy and Traveller Pitches Provided 2013-2021

From work carried out, in consultation with the Teignbridge Gypsy and Traveller Forum, it is anticipated that future demand for pitches will remain fairly consistent and the emerging Teignbridge Local Plan will update these figures.