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Asked to leave your home?

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1. Notice to leave your home overview

Whether you rent your home from a private landlord, the local council or housing association, there is a legal process for asking a tenant to leave. You must be given a letter stating that you are being asked to leave and it must be correct legally.

If you have been served notice or told you must leave, get advice now. 

Contact your Housing Options Team so they can check your notice for you, confirm if it is valid and give you all your options.

Your local Housing Options Team may be able to support you with lots of the issues that may have resulted in your landlord asking you to leave, including:

  • help you with your rent arrears or late payment issues
  • mediation and negotiation with your landlord to prevent them seeking possession
  • tenancy support or referrals for additional care in your home to help you with any support needs you may have that could help you maintain your home better
  • assessments for repairs, adaptations and grants to make your home suitable for you long term
  • help you reduce or address anti social behaviour or noise nuisance they think you are creating