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Teignbridge DC Property

We provide a range of property asset management, design, surveying and land development services for Council owned land and premises.

Forde House

What we do

The Department works in partnership with community groups on specific projects which meet the Councils corporate objectives.

  • Property management including the management of public buildings
  • Planned or reactive maintenance
  • Feasibility schemes
  • Capital projects
  • General estate management
  • Town re-development
  • Advise on dangerous structures or geological formations

The Department also undertakes Asset Management on behalf of the Council, which involves the identification of options available to the Council and their costs prior to making strategic decisions in connection with property ownership.

Areas we advise on 

  • Building design and structural reports for renovations or new build 
  • Assessment and recommendations for council property insurance claims
  • Structural advice on dangerous walls adjacent to a street
  • Site investigations and contaminated land studies   
  • Working in partnership on local initiatives for community facilities, the group also helps develop feasibility projects and in other cases provides full design services 

Dangerous walls and structures

Report a dangerous wall or structure

If you are concerned about the stability or safety of a wall, structures and banks adjacent to the highway (street) please Contact Economy & Assets

Who is responsible?

Where retaining walls or banks adjacent to a highway or street are considered to be in a dangerous condition, Teignbridge District Council is responsible for ensuring that the danger is removed to protect members of the public.

It is worthwhile remembering that whilst a dangerous wall may not be adjacent to a highway and not covered by the powers of the local authority, it maybe a party wall with your neighbour. The Party Wall Act 1996 applies to all householders and any disputes in relation to these party walls is a civil matter.

What happens when dangerous structures are reported?

Following an initial site inspection by Teignbridge Council the owner will be informed, in writing, of any problems and their responsibility to remove any danger if it exists to users of the highway (street). Under the "Highways Act 1980" the District Council has legal powers to enforce the owner(s) to carry out any necessary remedial works and the Council will apply a nominal fee for approving any submitted plans.

In extreme circumstances the Council can invoke emergency powers to require the wall, structure or bank to be made safe or demolished immediately. The Local Authority can then recover the costs associated with any such works from the owner of the wall, structure or bank.

The councils dangerous walls and structure policy

To view the Council's policy on dangerous walls, structures and banks adjacent to the highway (street) please see the download link to the right.