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Club premises certificates

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1. Information on club premises certificates

Apply for a club premises certificate

You can apply for a club premises certificate if you’re a qualifying members club and you want to provide licensable activities to your club members and their guests.

The relevant licensable activities are:

  • the supply of alcohol to club members and their guests
  • the provision of regulated entertainment to club members and their guests. This includes: 
    • performance of a play
    • exhibition of a film
    • indoor sporting events
    • boxing or wrestling (indoor or outdoor)
    • live music
    • recorded music
    • dance

What is a qualifying club?

To qualify for a certificate, your club must make sure that:

  • it has premises that are occupied and used regularly for club purposes
  • alcohol and entertainment is only provided to members and their guests
  • only someone 18 or older who is nominated by the club can serve alcohol or buy it at the club
  • there is no arrangement for anyone to benefit financially from buying or selling alcohol
  • new members wait two days from their application before getting membership privileges
  • it is established and conducted in good faith
  • it has at least 25 members

Please do not display your blue public notice or advertise in a newspaper until you receive confirmation from the Licensing Team that your application has been accepted