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Premises licences

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2. Apply for a premises licence

You must be 18 years of age or older.

An application will only be deemed complete on the submission and confirmation of acceptance of the following documents:

Completed application form, the fee, a plan of the premises to scale that includes all requirements as set out in the guidance, consent of DPS (if alcohol is to be sold) and proof of right to work in UK (if applying as individuals).

If applying for alcohol, a Designated Premises Supervisor is required. This has to be a person who holds a personal licence.

A blue public notice must be displayed on the premises for 28 days and an advert placed in a local newspaper within 10 days from the day after the application is served and accepted.

If you require any assistance before submitting your application please do not hesitate to contact the Licensing Team.


A fee will be required. This will be based on the non-domestic rateable value of your premises. You can find this from the Valuation office if you are unsure of what it is.

Find your rateable value

Interim authority notice

Disapply requirement of a Designated Premises Supervisor

If you run or are involved in a community, church or village hall that wishes to sell alcohol or already sells it, you can apply for the sale of alcohol to be made the responsibility of a management committee instead of a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS).

You can also apply to replace the DPS, if you already have one, with the management committee.

Application to disapply a DPS

Start the journey


More info about the journey

  • a credit/debit card
  • submit an application form. Serve on the Responsible Authorities (if served by email or post)
  • submit a to scale plan of the premises
  • display a Public Notice outside the premises for 28 days (from the day after the application is submitted). This will need to be on pale blue paper with a copy being sent to the licensing authority.
  • place advert in local paper within ten days of submission of application. Send a copy of the page showing it has been advertised to the licensing authority. 

Once the application, payment and plan has been received, it will be checked to ensure it has been submitted correctly. If we require any further information we will contact you.

The public notice will need to be placed at the premises for 28 days the day after the application has been received correctly. This allows the public 28 days to make any representations.

An advert will also need to be placed in a local newspaper/parish magazine within ten days of submission of application.

After 28 days if no representations have been received a premises licence will be issued and sent to you.

If representations are received which cannot be mediated, the application will need to go before the Licensing sub committee within 20 working days of the close of representations. You will be advised a minimum of 10 working days prior to the Licensing Sub Committee taking place. A decision will be sent to you in writing.


If you require further information please contact us.