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Temporary event notice

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1. Temporary Event Notice information

Temporary Event Notices (TENs) can be served to permit the following temporary licensable activities whether they take place within a premises or outside in an open space:

  • regulated entertainment - plays, (between 11pm and 8am or audience more than 500 people), films, recorded music, indoor sporting events, (between 11pm and 8am - spectators no more than 1000), live music, boxing or wrestling entertainment, performance of dance (between 11pm and 8am or audience more than 500 people).
  • late night refreshment: provision of hot food and/or hot drinks between 11pm and 5am
  • sale by retail of alcohol
  • supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to a member or to the order of a member


Standard Temporary Event Notice

A notice served at least 10 working days before the event. 

Late Temporary Event Notices

A notice which is served between 5 and 9 working days before the event.

The working days notice period for TENs does not include the day the TEN is received by us or the day of the event.

Number of notices you can serve

You will need a separate TEN for each event that you hold, even if it's on the same premises.

If you are a non-personal licence holder you can serve up to 5 TENs per calendar year, of which 2 may be late notices.

If you have a personal licence to sell alcohol, you can serve up to 50 TENs per calendar year, of which 10 may be late notices but the total number of days must not exceed 21.

An individual premises can be served up to 15 event TENs per calendar year, as long as the total length of the events does not exceed 21 days.

Please note: events that continue after midnight will count as two days.

  • The person serving the notice does not exceed the number of TENs they are permitted to serve in a calendar year.
  • There is a minimum of 24 hours break between each event notified by an event organiser at any premises.
  • Multiple TENS can be submitted at the same time, but each event is a separate TEN with a separate fee payable.
  • An event does not last more than 168 hours (7 days).
  • The limits set out above are not exceeded.

Where premises are available for hire by organisations or individuals for their own events, premises owners and operators must be aware that TENs submitted will be counted under the limits set down in the Act. It is therefore recommended that a booking agreement is used to make sure that all TENS made in respect of premises are made with the agreement of the premises owner or operator. This is particularly important for village halls and similar premises.

To serve a Temporary Event Notice you must be aged 18 or over.