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Apply for a site licence

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1. Apply for a new site licence

If you run a caravan or camping site, you must have a licence.

There are exemptions from licensing requirements which you should check before making an application.

The site must have planning permission before we can licence it.

Conditions may be attached to a licence which cover:

  • density and spacing of caravans
  • controlling the types of caravans, vehicles and tents on site, and their positioning
  • potable drinking water and adequate drainage facilities
  • good site housekeeping
  • electric and gas safety
  • fire safety and fire fighting equipment
  • sanitary facilities, that services and equipment are supplied and maintained.

There are also controls over other services, site equipment, safety and maintenance and restrictions to other structures and vehicles permitted on sites.

Here are the model conditions that would be applied should your licence be granted.

If conditions are not kept to, action can be taken against the person failing to comply.

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