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Gambling and lotteries

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2. Further information on Gambling licences

Unlicensed family entertainment centre

These are most commonly found at seaside resorts to cater for families. They offer unlimited category D gaming machines.

Prize gaming

For premises that do not already have an existing premises licence or club gaming permit.  Prize gaming is where the nature and size of the prize available is not determined by the number of people playing or the amount paid for or raised by the gaming.

Fees for prize gaming permit & family entertainment centre gaming machine permit

  • new application - £300
  • application - Existing Operator - £100
  • renewal - £300
  • change of name on permit - £25
  • copy of permit - £15

Club Machine permit

Allow no more than 3 gaming machines in total - Members' Clubs (for example Royal British Legion) may site from categories B3A, B4, C or D but only B3A machine can be sited by agreement. Commercial clubs (for example snooker club) may site from categories B4, C or D.

Club gaming permit

Allow no more than 3 gaming machines in total from categories B3A, B4, C or D, but only one B3A machine sited by agreement. This permit also allows equal chance gaming (for example, poker) and games of chance (for example, pontoon and chemin-de-fer) under certain restrictions.

Fees for club gaming or machine permit

  • new application - £200
  • application - Existing Operator - £100
  • application - (who hold a Club Premises Certificate under LA2003) - £100
  • renewal - £200
  • renewal - (who hold a Club Premises Certificate under LA2003) - £100
  • application - Vary - £100
  • copy of permit - £15
  • annual fee - £50

Notification of automatic entitlement

Pubs and other alcohol licensed premises are automatically entitled to 2 category C or D gaming machines upon notification to the licensing authority.

A notification is not transferable.  If there is a change of premises licence holder the existing notification will need to be cancelled and a new notification issued.

Fee for Notification

  • Notification - up to 2 gaming machines - £50

Alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permits

The licensing authority can issue gaming machines which allows additional category C and D gaming machines.  This will effectively replace the above automatic entitlement.

Fee for more than 2 machines

  • application - existing holder of permit - £100
  • application - New - £150.00 (annual fee of £50 is also applicable for payment at time of application)
  • application - Vary - £100
  • application - Transfer - £25
  • change of name - £25
  • copy of permit - £15
  • annual fee - £50

Permits cannot be issued to vehicles or vessels 

Gambling Commission Codes of Practice 

Gaming machines in clubs and premises

Equal chance gaming

Gambling Commission application forms

Occasional Use Notices (OUN)

This is another way race nights rely on bets being taken by a licensed betting operator on events. These are also used for point to points.

An OUN must be sent in writing to us in advance in advance of the event and be copied to the Chief Officer of police for the area in which the venue is located.  OUNs may not be used for more than eight days in a calendar year in respect of any one venue.

A person administering the betting under an OUN must have a Gambling Commission Operating licence (must be a licensed bookmaker).

There is no fee for an OUN.