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Sex establishments

A licence is required for a business which consists to significant degree of selling, hiring, exchanging, lending, displaying or demonstrating sex articles or other items intended for use in connection with, or for the purpose of stimulating or encouraging sexual activity or acts of force or restraint which are associated with sexual activity.

Teignbridge sex establishment licensing policy

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Advert form for a sex establishment licence

Notes for applicants for licence for sex establishments


There is a fee of £4011 for new applications (including a non-refundable £680.00 administration fee).

There is a fee of £2867 for renewals (including a non-refundable £490.00 administration fee).


Start the journey


More info about the journey

  • complete the application form
  • enclose the appropriate licence fee
  • scale plans of the premises. (1:100)
  • a copy of the notice of application which has been published
  • evidence that the application has been served on the police
  • the completed Certified Copy Notice attached as evidence that Notice of Application has been displayed on or near the premises

When we receive your application we'll check it to make sure it's been completed correctly. We'll telephone you if there is anything else we need.

As soon as we have the complete application and all the information we need, we'll accept it and there will then be 28 days (from the day after we accept the application) when anyone can make a representation.  

You'll need to put up public notices at the premises and advertise a copy of the notice in a local newspaper.

If no representations are received your application will be granted and we'll send you your licence in the post.  

If representations are received then a hearing must be heard before members of the licensing sub committee.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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Last updated 31 March 2023