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Pavement licence

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3. Information for applicants - pavement licence

Information for applicants

  1. Under the Business and Planning Act 2020 Teignbridge District Council has been granted powers to issue Pavement licences.
  2. Licences granted under this Act will be in force for no less than 3 months and will not extend beyond 30 September 2022. The Council may issue a shorter length licence than requested, if considered appropriate to do so.

  3. All permits will be subject to a schedule of general conditions which can be found in Appendix A, and to such other conditions as may be listed on the licence.

  4. There is a 7 days public consultation period starting the day after the Council have received a complete application (and the relevant fee). The application will not be considered as ‘complete’ until all of the required documents have been submitted.

  5. On the day you submit an application for a pavement licence you must fix a notice of the application (Appendix B) to the premises so that the notice is readily visible to, and can be easily read by, members of the public who are not on the premises and ensure that the notice remains in place until the end of the public consultation period.
  6. The application form MUST be accompanied by:

A map (or maps) of the proposed outdoor seating area (the map(s) should have a clear scale, identify the precise location of the proposed site position by marking the site boundary with a red line and show precise locations of tables and chairs).

Written Proof of Right to Occupy the area (the confirmation of land owner permission will be required)

Colour photographs, brochures or drawings showing design, dimensions, colour and materials of the tables and chairs you propose to use

Copy of valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate (minimum cover of five million pounds)

Payment (Application fee of £100) - Cheque payments cannot be accepted