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Local Plan Review 2020 - 2040

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1. Draft Local Plan Review (Part 3) - Renewable Energy, Gypsy and Travellers and Residential Sites Options – Consultation Open

We are seeking comments on the Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 3). This consultation follows on from our previous consultations

Although we previously asked for comments on residential sites as part of the Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 2) consultation, national government requires at least 10% of our housing to be built on small sites, of 1 hectare or less. This is to provide a range of site sizes to appeal to different types of developers/builders. Therefore, we are consulting on some additional small sites for residential development, as well as sites for wind turbine and gypsy and traveller development.

The Draft Local Plan (Part 3) sets out options for where different types of development could be located. The information included within the plan shows all of the development options that are available for public comment, including:

  • potential sites for wind turbines,
  • a potential gypsy and traveller site and
  • potential small residential sites

Information also includes each of the different site options, including the proposed use, a map, and the sensitivities affecting each site.

No decisions have yet been taken as to where development might take place. The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the options for development.

Consultation documents

Please read the following which will help inform your feedback. 

Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 3) – Wind Sites Options, Gypsy and Traveller Site Option and Small Residential Sites Options

  1. Introduction
  2. Renewable Energy – Wind
  3. Renewable Energy – Solar
  4. Providing for Gypsies and Travellers
  5. Small Residential Sites

Printable pdf version of Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 3) – Wind Sites Options, Gypsy and Traveller Site Option and Small Residential Sites Options

SA/SEA of the Teignbridge Local Plan

HRA of the Teignbridge Local Plan

Supporting Documents

How to comment:

The consultation on the Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 3) will run for 10 weeks from noon on 15 November until 24 January 2022. To comment on the Local Plan (Part 3) please click the start button below:Additional information about how to comment and how your comments will be used can be found in the tabs below.

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More info about the journey

  • You can comment on as many sites as you wish
  • If you have a MyAccount, you can save your comments and add to them later. Log in or sign up for MyAccount
  • Please use the submit button at the end of the survey once you have completed it

All of the comments that we receive during this consultation will be considered, along with all comments that we have received during our previous consultations, and this feedback will help to produce the next version of the Local Plan 2020-2040.  This version, which is called the “Proposed Submission Local Plan 2020-2040”, will combine Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Draft Local Plan. When we publish this, we will also publish a Consultation Statement, which sets out how we have taken all of the comments we have received into account when preparing the Plan.

Please note that any comments received through Twitter or Facebook will not be considered formal representation for the purpose of this consultation.

Please contact us if you have any questions

Copies of documents are available to view at local libraries, town and parish council offices. You can also buy printed copies of the main documents by contacting us.

  • Full set of Local Plan documents - £21.30 including p&p 2nd Class - (or £16 on collection)
  • Local Plan 2020-2040 Part 3 (only) - £8.50 including p&p 2nd Class - (or £6 on collection)

A printable version of the comments form is available for those people without access to the internet.