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Report missed bins & boxes

Have we missed your bin/box? In bad weather, like snow or ice, we may not get to you on your normal collection day. Please leave your containers out until they are emptied. We will get to you as soon as we can. Vehicles are equipped with winter tyres and the crew are issued with snow cleats, snow shovels and grit. However, there may still be areas that are unsafe to get to.

Report your missed bin or boxes

If your bin or box was not collected on the scheduled day, there could be a number of reasons why.  So, before you contact us please check that the below reasons aren't responsible for your missed collection

Report your missed collection by filling in the Missed Waste Collection Form or call 01626 215838 to arrange a collection.  Missed bins must be reported within two working days following your scheduled collection day.

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Reasons for a missed collection

There is sometimes a reason why a bin has not been collected, some of which are explained below:

  • The bin contains unsuitable items
    This could include contamination of the green wheeled bin and items such as bulky items and hazardous waste which would need to be disposed of by other means. A sticker is normally placed on the bin if it contains items that cannot be collected.
  • The bin contains trade waste
    Teignbridge Council does not operate its own trade waste collection service. Trade/Commercial waste has to be dealt with separately. Trade recyclables (garden waste & cardboard) are chargeable by prior arrangement with Devon County Council at certain recycling sites, otherwise trade waste & recycling service providers can be found by following the link for Commercial Waste.
  • The bin is too heavy
    If the bin is too heavy, the crew are unable to empty it because the lip of the bin could break whilst being lifted on the lorry's lifting mechanism. This could cause a health and safety issue for the crew because the bin and its contents may fall from the lorry causing injury. This also could damage the bin beyond repair. The bin would have to have some of its contents removed before it could be emptied on the next collection.
  • The bin is damaged
    If the bin has a split lip or is damaged in a way that would cause a health and safety risk then it cannot be emptied. Usually a sticker will be placed on the bin notifying you of this and requesting that you contact us.
  • The bin is not out
    If the bin is not out for collection on time we cannot send a crew back for it. Do not rely on your 'regular' collection time, as this can vary. The bins & boxes should be out for collection by 7am.
  • The bin is not accessible
    Sometimes bins cannot be accessed if a car is blocking the the bin or road, or due to road closures, although the crew will try a couple of times to access during the day if possible.
  • The wrong bin is out
    If the wrong bin is out, we cannot empty the bin!
  • The contents are frozen in the bin
    Freezing weather causes green waste to get stuck in overfill bins - sometimes preventing us from emptying them.  The mechanise on the collection vehicle will tip and shake the bin to release as much of the contents as possible however it may not be possible to empty it completely when frozen.  We will not return to empty a bin where the contents have been reported as frozen.  You can help by loosening the waste before the collection time, not overfilling or tightly packing the contents of the bin, and by keeping the lid closed to stop moisture building up.