February 2019

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1. UK spotlight shines on Teignbridge custom and self build

Cllr Jeremy Christophers with Teignbridge's new self build guides for communities and builders/landowners.

Teignbridge Leader, Councillor Jeremy Christophers, is set to speak to councils from all over the UK about helping people build and customise their own homes.

As Deputy Ambassador for the Right to Build (RTB) Task Force, Councillor Christophers will speak at the Local Government Association’s national housing, planning and infrastructure conference, ‘Better new build: building better, faster’, on Wednesday 13 March 2019 in London

Councillor Christophers has been blazing the trail for custom and self build homes for 7 years and has been supporting Richard Bacon MP’s work in the RTB Task Force since August 2017. Teignbridge was the first council to adopt a self build policy known as the Teignbridge Rule in July 2016, which requires developers of larger housing sites to offer consented, serviced building plots to people wanting to build or commission their own home.

Councillor Christophers said:

“It’s a great honour to be asked to speak at this influential conference focussing on how councils can innovate to help solve the housing crisis. It’s also a perfect opportunity to share the progress Teignbridge has been making in custom and self build, helping local people turn the key in their own front door. It means councils from around the country can learn from our experience and follow in our footsteps.

“I will highlight the role that custom and self build can play in bringing forward more affordable, quality homes and demonstrate the actions Teignbridge has put into practice to address the challenges in delivery of custom and self build. 

“Teignbridge has just launched two custom and self build guides, produced with support from the Right to Build Task Force, which highlight the benefits and opportunities for community groups, landowners and small builders. They are practical guides which show how our communities can take control and provide the much-needed homes they need for local people with custom and self build.

“I am really looking forward to identifying areas that government and councils can focus on together to increase delivery of custom and self build homes. In the meantime, interested people in Teignbridge should sign up to our self build register. People outside of Teignbridge can also sign up on the Right to Build Portal www.righttobuildportal.org to show their local council they want to have a hand in creating their own home.”