February 2020

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Published on 14 February 2020

Our 47 councillors to vote on avoiding Wolborough review duplication

Image by Wokandapix @ Pixabay

At their next Full Council meeting on 24 February, Teignbridge councillors are to be asked to focus officer time and council resource to fast-track the recently commenced Local Plan Update – a move which would lead to better development design and environmental outcomes coming forward more quickly in the district.

A mandatory 5-year update of the Teignbridge Local Plan became due on its anniversary in May 2019. 

In order to give a higher priority to the Local Plan Update, officers will be asking councillors to halt or cancel the preparation of the Wolborough Masterplan Development Plan Document (DPD), a planning document which was expected to cover many of the same technical planning considerations now under review.

A report from officers says that by fast-tracking the Local Plan Update ahead of the DPD, Teignbridge as a whole would benefit through bringing forward better design, construction and place making policies, while providing a better focus on wider issues such as climate change and flood protection.


Through removing duplication by cancellation of the DPD, an estimated £122,000 of council funds could also be saved, says the report.

The proposed approach would also see local communities across Teignbridge having more time to review the planning policy issues covered in Part 1 of the Local Plan Update, with public consultation expected to take place over an extended 8-week period, commencing in March.

Portfolio Holder for Planning Councillor Gary Taylor said: “Focusing on the Local Plan update should now be our priority. The public is asking us to take a lead on matters such as design, landscaping, sustainable transport and, most importantly, climate change – and these are all policies coming forward in Part 1 of the Local Plan Update.

Councillor Taylor added: “While uncertainty persists over the future of the wider NA3 Wolborough development, Teignbridge Council would not be thanked for wasting any time in bringing forward better planning policies to the benefit of the public, the district and our environment. As councillors, we have a duty to act responsibly; with climate change concerns at the forefront, we must also act quickly”.