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Civil Enforcement Off-Street Parking Places Order

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2. Statement of Reasons 2024

The district of Teignbridge (off street parking places) order 2024

Statement of reasons for making the order

These proposals have been made by the Council’s Executive.  In finalising these proposals the Executive has also considered recommendations made by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee which has consulted with the relevant bodies and user groups.

1.  To vary, increase and decrease the charges

Reason: As part of the annual budget process an increase of was required.

Rationale:  The changes have been made in order to consider the

Council’s aim to meet this but also to support the local residents and businesses.

2.  To remove car parks from the Order that are within the Teignbridge District

Reason; To ensure that all parking areas that fall under the control of Teignbridge District Council can be enforced and that areas that are no longer owned or managed by the Council are removed.

Rationale: To give a consistent and transparent approach to all car parking areas that fall under the control of Teignbridge District Council.

3.  To describe the off-street parking areas covered by the Order, and prescribe the terms upon which they may be used.

Reason:  So that all off-street parking areas are identified and the terms upon which they may be used are set up and enables management of the sites in a manner which promotes and supports the local economy.

4.  To add a disabled parking permit

Reason: To provide a disabled parking provision throughout the  district so that blue badge holders can park in certain Teignbridge car parks for a maximum of 3 hours.

March 2024