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People's Panel

The People's Panel is a review group made up of trained volunteers from our 'Talking Teignbridge' residents' panel, and members of key interest groups representing faith, race, the disabled and other minority groups.

How it works

The role of this review group is to help provide a challenge. We ask them to bring their experiences and expertise to bear, perhaps as a working person, a parent, a person of faith, someone of lower income, with a disability, etc., to help us think about the consequences of the work that we do, and what would be acceptable and reasonable in any given circumstances.

When our Council services introduce a new or different proposal, we have to think about the impacts of the proposal across the district - on people, businesses, and place. Although staff use their best judgement, and often take proposals out to consultation to consider the effects, there will be occasions when we just haven't got it right.

By opening up the process to local people and key interest groups, they can help challenge our thinking and help us arrive at the best judgements.

The first action is to consider whether a proposal warrants a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) on a policy, decision or service. If it does, and if we think the proposal needs an external 'customer' view, we invite a small group of our panel members to look at the BIA prior to a meeting with the manager responsible for the Business Impact Assessment and members of their team.

In a collaborative process with the service, our panel members would then judge whether any potential impacts have been adequately identified, or if there's a misunderstanding about the severity of the impacts, or decide whether proposed corrective actions are non-existent or insufficient.

Their comments/recommendations will feed back into the BIA process.

Panel reports

You can see the results of recent panel reviews below:

pdf icon People's Panel November 2011 Report - Equality Policy [47kb]

pdf icon People's Panel January 2012 Report - Human Resources Policies [377kb]

pdf icon People's Panel February 2012 Report - Parking Service [69kb]

pdf icon People's Panel March 2012 Report - Customer Strategy (Access to Services) [64kb]

pdf icon People's Panel May 2012 Report - Communications Strategy [49kb]

pdf icon People's Panel July 2012 Report - Development Management (Planning) Service [34kb]

pdf icon People's Panel September 2012 Report - Refuse and Recycling Service [79kb]

pdf icon People's Panel March 2014 Report - Green Waste [27kb]