Exe Estuary/Dawlish Warren Habitat Mitigation

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4. How much is the mitigation

How much do I pay?

  • residential units: £96 in the Exe 10k zone and £800 in the Exe-and-Warren 10k zone, per unit
  • tourist units are calculated as a proportion of residential unit contribution based on average occupancy rate:
    • serviced accommodation 56% of the above amount per room
    • self catering accommodation 52% of the above amount per unit
    • touring pitches 32% of the above amount per pitch.

This can be paid by:

  • submitting a Unilateral Undertaking with your planning application agreeing to pay the contribution on completion of the development. There is an administration fee of £60
  • payment in advance. There is no administration fee unless your planning application is refused and the contribution is refunded. A £30 fee will be retained to cover expenses.