Exe Estuary/Dawlish Warren Habitat Mitigation

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5. Paying for it - by unilateral undertaking or in advance

You can pay by unilateral undertaking or payment in advance.

Unilateral undertaking

When you submit your planning application, you'll also need to provide the following documents:

  • one original, completed and signed Undertaking to pay the total mitigation (including administration fee of £60) before commencement of work on the site;
  • a copy of the site location plan, that accompanies the planning application, signed by the developer;
  • recent proof of title to the land (within last 12 months) which can normally be purchased from Land Registry Online Title Register Search. Please note there are two parts to the proof of title; a Title Register and a Title Plan, both of which must be submitted.

Please read the guidance notes at the bottom of this page before completing the Unilateral Undertaking.

Payment in advance

If you would rather pay the total mitigation contribution in advance you will need to make this payment and complete the form Advance Payment for HRA when you submit your application.

You will confirm that :-

  • your payment must be made in full before the application can be considered as valid
  • if your application is not approved you will receive a refund less an administration fee of £30 with no interest accrual repayment
  • the refund will not be made until the time for appeal has expired or an appeal has been dismissed