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Compact Homes

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2. Defining Compact Homes

The Council proposes the following Compact Home definition.

A Compact Home is;

  • A permanent fully functioning dwelling unit on a small scale, built at reduced financial and environmental cost.
  • A conscious choice for the occupant, as an answer to a desire to live a simple life, with less focus on material possessions and with a smaller eco footprint.
  • Likely to utilize space cleverly and employ innovative technologies in design and construction.
  • Expected to be sited within a multi-plot development which may include shared facilities and common areas such as work areas, laundry facilities, public outdoor space, bin storage, car parking.
  • 1 or 1.5 storeys high (allowing use of the roof space), of up to 50 square metre floor area, usually sited within a plot area of 150 square metres or within an apartment building.
  • Suitable for single people, a single parent and child, or couples, but unlikely to be suitable for families with more than one child.
  • A mortgage-able dwelling attached to a permanent foundation.
  • On or off-grid provision of all necessary utility services (e.g. electricity, water, broadband, disposal of surface and foul water)
  • Building Regulation compliant for structural, fire safety, and energy efficiency requirements.
  • A dwelling which meets the Custom or Self Build definition within the Community Infrastructure Legislation (CIL) Regulations
  • The home-owner’s principle residence.