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Making an enforcement complaint

To make an enforcement complaint click on the 'Start' button which will take you to our online complaint form.

You will need the following information:

  • the address of the site you are complaining about
  • your name, postal address, email address and phone number. We do not accept anonymous complaints, but your details will remain confidential.

We investigate all reasonable complaints, prioritising them according to their urgency and the potential harm. Depending on priority you may not receive an update for several weeks. 

We will act proportionately, taking enforcement action where appropriate to remedy harm and when it is in the wider public interest.

Our investigations will normally result in one of the following:

  • no breach of planning has taken place
  • there is a breach but it happened some time ago and is now immune from action
  • there is a breach but we do not consider that it is expedient to take any action.  Please note that it is not unlawful to develop/use land without planning permission.  The owner may be advised to seek planning permission.
  • there is a breach and we decide to take enforcement action, often by issuing an enforcement notice or breach of condition notice.  Failure to comply with such a notice is unlawful.


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You will need the address of the property/site about which you are complaining.


We will contact you with an update, but this may not be for several weeks. 


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Last updated 22 December 2020