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Council tax 2019/2020

Council tax bills will be sent out from Monday 11 March. You can make payments online, if you are not yet on direct debit - there is still time to set one up!

Planning search by map

You can enter an address below to get to a particular area or just zoom/pan around the district. All current applications are shown in red. When you zoom in far enough decided applications will also appear which shown in blue.

When you click on the map you will get a list of any planning applications or appeals from 1977.


Map Search

Click on the map to see all plans and appeals for that point.

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show/hide map legend and help

Current Applications and Appeals
Decided Applications and Appeals

* navigate the map by using the cursor to mousedown and drag.

* use this or your mouse wheel to zoom into and out of the map.

* current applications and appeals are always shown on the map in red. Decided applications and appeals will appear in blue when you zoom closer in at the stage when street names show.

* click on the red area (current applications) or blue area (decided applications) and a list of results will appear. Use your browser back button to return to the map afterwards.